About us

Our aim is to offer a unique selection of Czech handmade products, that we really like.
The shop should not be only the place where you can acquire a nice and original souvenir but as well the place where you can discover the artists who made it.

I am Stéphane and I stand behind this project. I am French living in Prague since 2002. My wife is Czech and we have 3 lovely daughters.

The shop is located in the house of the red eagle, in the historical area of Malá Strana, in Nerudova street. I was actually interested in a different place two years ago which was located in a house of the red eagle as well. There are just four houses in Prague with such a name. I had no other choice than to invite the eagle in my project which I did via the name, Orel means eagle in czech and with the logo.
You will as well find in the shop my photos of czech hiking trail markers. Find more in the section „About hiking trail markers“